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There's a lot of thought, time and energy that goes into setting up your own practice, whether individual or group. There isn't always time to sit down and create comprehensive, custom dashboards and spreadsheets that, in the long run, can save you significant time. 

That's where I come in. I am fluent in the ins and outs of Google Workspace and can efficiently create what you need, based on what you tell me. For a reasonable hourly rate, I'll create what you're looking for and you can focus on what you need to do.

I have experience with front of the house data organization including tracking marketing outreach,  tracking new clients referrals and scheduling, establishing billing organizational strategies, and developing supervisor, manager and owner dashboards for client retention. In our complimentary consultation, we'll explore the particular needs of your practice and identify the best way to fit your needs.

“Kathi has been a savior when it comes to organizing my solo private practice. I have had the pleasure of working with Kathi one-on-one, as well as within a group practice, where I watched her create systems and spreadsheets to organize a 20+ clinician practice to help it flourish and thrive. When it comes to my own practice, I knew I could not do it without Kathi's expertise. She has been able to create a spreadsheet and dashboard specific to my needs and is so quick to change things around when I think of something new that I want. I highly recommend her services to anyone who could use a little (or a lot) more structure and organization in their business!"

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